The main hound trailing season takes place from April 1st until the end of October. 
There are five main events in the season: May Day, the Dog Produce, the Bitch Produce, 
the August Premier and the October meeting. During the season, ordinary hound trail 
meetings take place about 12 times a week throughout Cumbria.

Trails can also be seen at most summer agricultural shows and sports meetings in the area.

The Team Competition result is: 

Division 1 
1. Dearham Wanderers 122 
2 Pennine Runners 107 
3 Oliver's Team 98 
4 Huntsman's Pack 85
5 Jenny's Rascals 70
6 Team Miterdale 66

Division 11
1 Ellie's Faves 42
2 Oliver's Team 35
3 Just Its 34
4 Canny Hunters 33
5 Showboaters 26
6 Gracie's Team 20

There was no sponsorship this year, so unfortunately no prize money, BUT entry for next year's competition will be FREE. 
Please would last year's team winners return the trophies, so that they can go to the new winners.
Apologies that it has been a bit haphazard this season - let's hope for better things in 2021.
Margaret Baxter

Championship and Points Competition Results



Carlisle and Penrith Points 2020

Open Senior: Huntsman’s Nimrod
Open Puppy: Young Harry
Open O.R: Lady Grace

Local Senior most points in HTA: Cracking Last One
Local Puppy most points in HTA: Cracking Last One Two
Local Senior Maiden: Sultan
Local Puppy Maiden: Fly Me To The Moon
Local Open Restricted: Denton Balboa
Local Open Maiden:-Cracking Spirit
Local Open Non Winner: Spring Music
Local Veteran:-Meadow Josie

Please note that due to the reduced trailing season and fewer area fixtures, C&P Challenge Cups
and Top Kennel Trophies will not be awarded for the 2020 season as there are so many hounds all
on the same number of points. Well done to all winners! 

Ike Walker Points for all trails and all grades in Cockermouth and Workington Area in the month of October (1st Prize £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £10)

Whitehaven Area Point for 2020

Senior Hound - Crazy

Senior Maiden - Tie - Hawkswood and Overwater Marvin

Pups - Jenny's Quest

Open Restricted - Nashville

Open Maiden - Kinniside Jacko

Open Non-Winners - Foxparke Shackalackaboomboom

Veterans - Thorn Fire

Coldfell Trophy Winners - 2020

Senior Hound - Huntsman's Nimrod

Pups - Jenny's Quest

Alan Pugh Trophy - Eden Raya