The main hound trailing season takes place from April 1st until the end of October.

There are five main events in the season: May Day, the Dog Produce, the Bitch Produce,

the August Premier and the October meeting. During the season, ordinary hound trail

meetings take place about 12 times a week throughout Cumbria.

Trails can also be seen at most summer agricultural shows and sports meetings in the area.

Championship Table 2022 7th August

Points Competition 7th August 2022

Confirmed Matings - 2021/2022

1. Silver Dusk and Miterdale Copper - 10/01/2022 - 4 x bitches - 7 x dogs

2. Spring Rascal and Spring Dazzler - 30/01/2022 - 4 x bitches - 6 x dogs

3. Jenny's Aura and Foxparke Billy Elliott - 16/01/2022 - 7 x bitches - 3 x dogs

4. Miterdale Force and Miterdale Shadow - 11/02/2022 - 4 x bitches - 1 x dogs

5. Thorndancer and Huntsman's Major - 02/02/2022 - 4 x bitches - 1 x dog

6. Kinniside Molly and Miterdale Shadow - 06/03/2022 - 1 x dog - 1 x bitch

7. Kinniside Meg and Miterdale Shadow - 07/03/2022 - 1 x dog - 1 x bitch

8. Escape and Best Mate - no pups

9. Babycham and Jazz Band - no pups

10. Jenny's Delight and Huntsman's Major - 01/04/2022 - 2 x dogs - 4 x bitches




Change of Association (left the HTA)
Maggie - Ireland
Zola - Ireland
Zena - Ireland
Busy Lady - BHTA
Denton Magpie - BHTA

Change of Ownership
Jenny's Lily - now owned by Geoff and Barbara Jones, Ulverston
Swamp Fox - now owned by S. Jeynes, Arlecdon, Whitehaven

Additional Owner's 
Miterdale Shade - also now co owned by Millie Mawson
Miterdale Favour - also now co owned by Millie Mawson
Cracking Last One Two also now co owned by Lexie Raybold
Jenny's Quest - also now owned by Lisa Crosby
Huntsman's Que - also now owned by Lisa Crosby

Change of Name
Lillian - now called Howgill Lil - owner Ian Bell, Kendal
Blondie - now called Howgill Meg - owner Ian bell, Kendal
Busy Time - now called Meadow Maggie - new Owner Joanne and Lauren and Sophie Hodgson and Paul Airey
Zane - now called Green Flyer - owner Lisa Armfield, J. & Z. Green
Jenny's Lily - now called Lily - owners Geoff and Barbara Jones, Ulverston

Transfers from Other Associations
Ozzie The Lad
Carol's Legacy
Bella Moon
Tyler Moon
Tommy Moon all retired - owned by C,D, T Hill, Thirston, Carlisle
Red Hot Bob
Bobby Moon
Buster Moon
Milo Moon
Vinny Moon - owned by C,D,T Hill, Thirston, Carlisle
Splendid Lilly
Splendid Mikey
Tesla - - all owned by D., S., B., L. Hetherington, Fletchertown, Wigton
Ronnie - Now Show Cracker - Andy Horn, Wigton