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10th May 2021 - Message from Secretary

Please note that both myself and John Bromage have received a number of bogus emails requesting money. It is obvious that they are scammers and that they are using the details from the webpage i.e. email addresses ect. and approaching us because of our roles i.e. Secretary and Treasurer. Please be aware that before you respond to any emails from either myself of from John just check that they are legitimate and please don't send any money or bank details. 

Thanks Fiona

3rd May 2021 - Message from Westmorland Area

The trails at Kirkstone have been CANCELLED today due to weather conditions.

Thanks Fiona

1st May 2021 - Message from the Executive Committee following meeting last night

1. Confirmation that the HTA had now purchased a chip reading machine, this had been tested at Oulton and appeared to work satisfactory. Another two machines will be purchased and will be available for any area committee to use if needed.

2. Amended rule book is now available on webpage and printed versions will be available at the end of May for all members.

3. Covid 19 Rules were reviewed in line with changes in the national guidance. Amended rules will be published on the 17th May. This will result in the removal of the members only rule but will still require all trails to monitor and keep a record of any non members who attend the trails for Track and Trace purposes.

4. Revised Covid Rules will be shared with the Police again to ensure they are kept up to date. Police notification will continue to be made for each trailing event and will be reviewed on the 21st June.

26th April 2021 - Message from Christine McGee

Hound missing from trails at Cobra Castle - answers to the name of Sue belongs to Willie Marks contact number 01228560971, son's mobile number 07979201452

Or contact Christine on 07526350781 if any sightings

The Dog has now been found. Well done everyone.

Thanks Christine

25th April 2021 - Message from Margaret Baxter

Given that Lynn and Jayne have decided to run a Teams Competition then there is no need to have two Teams Competition. Lynn and Jayne have agreed to run this years team competition on behalf of myself and I will ensure that the Trophies are available for the winners as usual.

Details of this years competition are listed below.

Team Competition 2021. £5.00 per team four hounds in each. £100 extra sponsorship kindly donated by Paul & Lynn Garritty bookmakers. Beginning on Saturday 1st May.

Division 1 points earned in all grades except all ins 654321 as usual and double points for major trails. Division 2 lower grade trails only not including veterans. Points earned on Saturday/Sunday and at all major meetings - May Day, Produces, International, August & October.

In the event of a hound scoring points on both Saturday and Sunday only the higher ticket will count.

Please submit your team name, four hounds and manager to Jayne or Lynn by Friday 30th April. Prize money to be finalised once all entries are received.

Many Thanks Margaret

As Secretary I would like to Thank Margaret for all her hard work in setting up the Teams Competition in the first instance and running it all these years. Well Done Margaret and Thank you very much. I would also like to Thank Lynn and Jayne for organising this years Teams Competition.

Message from the Secretary

Miterdale Loyalty is missing following the trial trail at Kirkstone Pass. Black and white bitch. Please contact Steph Steel on 07485068955 if you see the hound.

Miterdale Loyalty has now been found. Well done to all.

Thanks Fiona

18th April 2021 - Message from Secretary

Please note change of time for trails on the 24th April at Oulton, now running at 4.30pm for hounds instead of 1.0pm.

Thanks Fiona

Message from the Executive Committee following a meeting on the 16/04/21

1. The Executive reviewed how trial trails had progressed and were please that these seems to have gone well and dogs are coping having reducing running time. The Chairman thanked those areas that had hosted trial trails which had given everyone the opportunity to get some running with their hounds.

2. Confirmation was given regarding the review and printing of a new rule book. This will now progress and the rule books will be available to every member shortly.

3. A Chip machine would be purchased this next week ready for the start of the season. This will be tested at the first trail at Oulton and if it does what is required then additional chip machines will be purchased to aid in the identification of hounds that only have a chip number and no ear number due to the inability to apply ear numbers during the Covid Lock down period.

4. The Executive Committee requested that Promoters consider putting on some All In trails to assist those dogs who are only eligible to run in the long trails.This may avoid dogs being lost or finishing exhausted due to the potential of the weather warming up and dogs not yet been fit.

5. Westmorland Area will be holding an area meeting following the trial trails this week to review how the area will move forward given the low numbers on the Area Committee. 

6. A number of other areas are also struggling for committee members, without the area committees then the number of trails and trail venues will reduce. Any one interested in becoming part of an area committee would be more than welcome. Please step forward and support your local area.

The Executive Committee would like to wish everyone well for the new season.

Thank You - Chairman Barry Laidler.

13th April 2021 - Message from Secretary

Please note change in time for Saturdays trials 17th April at The Grassings now 11.30am instead of 6.30pm

Thanks Fiona

6th April 2021 - Message from Secretary

Dear Promoters - Given that last year was an exceptional year and fixtures were changed to accommodate the major trails etc. I have uploaded 

a copy of the fixtures for 2019. Hopefully this will allow fixtures to fall back in line with how there were. As secretary i would appreciate if fixtures 

could be finalised as soon as possible each month as i need to request Occasional Licences and they need two weeks notice. So please ensure 

i have all the necessary information to complete the request and the block advert.

Many thanks Fiona 

31st March 2021 - Message from Secretary

With the May Day trails now been agreed to take place on the 31st May I need the Trophies back please from those who won the last May Day trails in 2019

There are four Lillian Harrison trophies and the Paul Snowden Trophy

Hounds that won in 2019 are as follows:

Miterdale Shadow (hounds)

Meadow Spot (Maidens)

Jenny's Oracle (pups)

Huntsman's Orchid (puppy maiden)

Huntsman's Major (open restricted)

Galemire Grace (veterans)

Please can you all have a look to see if you have the trophies and if you let me know then I will arrange to collect it from you.

Many Thanks


27th March 2021 - Message from the Executive Committee

Below are the new rules that we will all have to follow for the 2021 season relating to Covid 19. Can all members please read them and follow accordingly. These rules will be reviewed as we move through the season and amended according to national guidance. 

Anyone wishing to attend any of the Trial trails and the Championship trails must be a member of the HTA. Anyone wanting to become a member can do so by contacting John Bromage - 01946 23714 or by email -

Hound Trailing Association

2021 Covid-19 Official Practice Trials and Championship Guidelines


Below are guidelines that must be adhered to at all official trial trails and championship trails.


Entrance to The Field, Hound Entry and Donations 

The entrance gate must have a table with 2 plastic boxes to receive the entrance fee and hound entry fee; the person manning the gate must be 1 metre from the table

and will take entries for the relevant grades advertised; exact money only as no change will be given. Payment must be made with plastic notes or coins only for cleaning


Parking / Vehicles

Vehicles must be parked at least 1 metre apart, adhering to the social distancing policy; members must not enter other members’ vehicles and must stay at least 1 metre apart.

The Slip

The promoter must provide a rope on the ground with tape marking every 1 metre to adhere to social distancing.

If the slip is restricted and social distancing can’t be adhered to, in line with government guidelines a mask or face covering is advised to be used at the slip.

During these Covid-19 regulations there will be no ‘marking’ of any hound at the slip.

The Catch

Due to the frantic nature of the catch the HTA are fully aware social distancing will be very difficult so in line with government guidelines where social distancing can’t be

guaranteed all handlers are advised to wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the catch. The barrier should be as long as feasibly possible to accommodate the catch

and must be marked with tape every 1 metre.

Ticketing Hounds

The Judge, Camera operator and catchers are advised to wear a mask or face covering and catch the relevant ticketing hounds adhering to the social distancing measures.

Prize Money

Prize money will be made available on a table in an envelope for collection after the completion of the trail, all prize money not collected by the end of the meeting will go to the

promoter’s balance sheet.

Book Making and Catering

Bookmakers and Caterers are asked to implement their own covid-19 measures in line with government guidelines, members are asked to adhere to the social distancing 

guidelines while in the bookies area and queuing for catering facilities.

The HTA will accept no responsibility for any measures individual bookmakers or caterers choose to implement.

Trail Layers

Those laying the trails must always wear gloves and dispose of them at the end of the trail laying.

Roads and Road Scouts

Only the road scout/s and their vehicle should be at any road crossing, strictly no other members at the road crossing.

Prize Draws

Promoters have the option to use a football scratch card to replace a prize drawing, this is similar to a ‘dog board’ and the winning team will receive a cash prize defined by the promoter.

The normal raffle prize process has been suspended for season 2021.

Maiden Trails& Open Restricted

These grades will revert to pre Covid-19 rules for season 2021.

Other Important Information


These guidelines must be placed as a notice on the entry gate to every fixture along with a sign displaying ‘Behind Closed Doors - Members Only.

Promoters must disinfect all gates, fences and any other surfaces touched by members in the vicinity of the trail field when everyone has left the trail field.

Some members are in the category of over 70 and/or ‘increased risk’ groups, are they not permitted to attend the trail field? The HTA is aware that some members may be at ‘high risk’ of coronavirus, according to the most up-to-date NHS advice. Those individuals are advised to carefully consider the latest NHS guidance throughout the above regulations, to not bring additional risks to their own health and safety. Whilst the above regulations do not require the HTA to prohibit ‘increased risk’ individuals from the trail field, everyone is strongly urged to act in their own best interests in line with the NHS advice.

23rd March - Message from Christine McGee

Just to let people know that it is with a sad heart that I need to let people know about the sad passing of Tom Gainford

from the Whitehaven Area. Tom and his wife Eileen had hounds for many years. Our thoughts go out to Eileen and family.

Christine McGee - Chair person - Whitehaven Area

20th March 2021 - Message from the Executive Committee

1. May Days trails (31st May) will be hosted by Whitehaven Area and will be held at Mockerkin

2. Bitch Produce trails (12th June) will be hosted by Keswick Area and will be held at Newlands

3. New revised Covid 19 Rules have been agreed and everyone will be able to see these on

the main page shortly. Hard Copies will be available for anyone who cannot access them from the

start of the Trials on the trail field.

4. A decision was made that the Official Championship trails will commence on the 24th April on 

the Saturday rather than the 26th April on the Monday

5. The Executive Committee has agreed that the current rule book will be reviewed by Roy Laidler

and once reviewed will go to print so everyone should be able to have access to a hard copy of 

the Rule Book. The Current Rule Book is available to view on the web page under the main tab.

6. The Executive Committee has agreed that ear marking will continue next season and as such 

the Association will be purchasing new ear marking equipment. They have also agreed to 

purchase chip reading machines due to the two years where ear marking was not possible and 

the dogs identification will need to be through the chip implant.

7. Some of you will have noticed that a new Fixture tab has been added to the web page some

 people are not able to see this on their devices if this is the case then these people need to 

clear their browsing history on their device and it will appear.

8. Finally there was a discussion regard the impact that social media can have on the reputation

and good will of many who are involved in the sport and all members are reminded that inappropriate

use of social media will not be tolerated and that members can have action taken against them by 

their local area committee. The Executive Committee requests that all members remain respectful

to each other so that everyone can enjoy hound trailing as they should be able to.

Thank You The Executive Committee

18th March 2021 - Message from the Secretary

Tom Bell has one dog pup still left for sale. Spring Ranger/Cloudy Mist

Anyone interested please contact Tom direct on Mobile No 07971779257 - PUP NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Thanks Fiona

16th March 2021 Message from the Secretary

The 2020 annual is now ready. Anyone wanting a copy can contact myself or John Bromage or wait until the trials start. 

The 2021 annual should be ready by the end of April.

Thanks Fiona

9th March 2021 - Message from Andy Horn - Chairman for Aspatria and Wigton Area

Natural England have requested that no private practice trials should take place on the Wedholme Flow or Bowness Common

in the nesting season which commences on the 1st March to the 31st July. Only the agreed official practice trails in March\April and

the one Championship trail in may should take place on the Wedholme Flow, failure to comply with this will put future leave in jeopardy.

Thanks Andy

9th March 2021 - Message from the Chairman

It is with sadness that we learn that Jim Miller who was the official bookies runner for many years in the Keswick area has passed away. R.I.P. 

The only entry cleark who could write two hounds on one line. Sadly missed.


REHOMING  -  to book hounds in for re-homing, please contact Sue Lloyd (016974 78383 evenings) or e-mail her on 

Sue runs Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, and you can be assured that she will advise you and will make all arrangements for you.

The HTA has complete confidence in Sue, and we are extremely lucky to have her.

Latest slipping times: 

April 1 - 6                       7.15 pm

April 7 – 14                    7.30 pm

April 15 – 22                  7.45 pm

April 23 – 29                  8.00 pm

April 30 – May 6            8.15 pm

May 7 – 13                     8.30 pm

May 14 – 20                   8.45 pm

May 21 – 27                   9.00 pm

May 28 – July 8              9.15 pm

July 9 – 21                       9.00 pm

July 22 – 28                     8.45 pm

July 29 – Aug 4                8.30 pm

Aug 5 – 11                        8.15 pm


Aug 12 – 18                      8.00 pm

Aug 19 – 25                      7.45 pm

Aug 26 – Sept 1                7.30 pm

Sept 2 – 8                          7.15 pm

Sept 9 – 15                        7.00 pm

Sept 16 – 22                      6.45 pm

Sept 23 – 30                      6.30 pm

Oct 1 – 6                             5.45 pm

Oct 7 – 13                           5.30 pm

Oct 14 – 20                         5.15 pm

Oct 21 – 24                         5.00 pm

Oct 25 – 27                         4.45 pm

Oct 28 – 31                         3.45 pm