This is the official website for the Hound Trailing Association Ltd.

Chairman – J.B.Laidler, 2, Oldfield Road, Windermere LA23 1AZ (Tel: 015394 45200)

Vice-Chairman – P.Airey, 14, Wooton Way, Carlisle CA2 6SW (Tel: 01228 511679)

HTA Secretary – Phillip Graham, 7, Whiteside Avenue, Cockermouth CA13 9AR (Tel: 07881 575986)



HTA Treasurer – John Bromage, Fletchers, Irton, Holmrook CA19 1TD (Tel: 019467 23714). Cheques to be made payable to HTA Ltd.



Website Editor - Margaret Baxter, Ash Cottage, Blencow, Penrith CA11 0DB (Tel: 017684 83686)



The £12 fee for the 200 Club is now due – please pay Paul Airey.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: By order of Natural England, no practice trails are to be run on Bowness Moss (Cardurnock) or Whadam Moss (Grassings) without permission from Andy Horn or Brian Shaw (BHTA).

This is a clause requested by Natural England, and anybody who trials without permission is putting Hound Trailing at risk in that area.


The Forestry Commission has asked that no hounds should be run at Cogra Moss for the time being, as heavy machinery is being used in forestry work.


82 pups have now been registered.

Bitch Puppy registrations 2019

Acorn (Eden Rossi x Eden Rosa) R.Smith, R.Dickinson, Kendal;   Adele (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) W.& R.Dawson, Kendal;   Bonaire (Jimmy Choo x Flashdance) Phil Graham, Cockermouth;  Celebration (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) C.Harrison, Fingland;    Celebrity (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) C.Harrison, Fingland;    Class Farah Mo (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) C.Roper, Longtown;     Clearwater (Try Again x Foxparke So Be It) C.Harrison, Fingland;    Cracking Last One (Eden Rossi x Eden Rosa) W.& P.Mellon, J.Pattinson, R.& T.Airey, Appleby;    Eden Raya (Eden Rossi x Eden Rosa) M.Addison, C.Robinson, Great Salkeld;    Fearlass (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) N.Wilson, Y.& A.Wilson, S.& T.Stainton, Troutbeck;    Foxparke LOL (Try Again x Foxparke So be It) R,G,N & E.Napier, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;    Foxparke Mo Farren (Try Again x Foxparke So be It) N,R,E & G Napier, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;   Foxparke Parma Violet (Endure x Mysterious) R,E,G & N Napier, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;   Foxparke Twilight (Try Again x Foxparke So be It) R,E,G & N Napier, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;   Hunter’s Flame (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) C.Graham, D.Reay, Kelsick;    Huntsman’s Orchid (Eclipse x Bedazzled) D.Bland, C.Barrow, A.Little, Patterdale;   Jenny’s Oracle (Endure x Mysterious) J.& D.Bland, A.Little, Patterdale;    Josephine (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) L.Reid, D.Allison, Cockermouth;   Jubilee (Overwater Arnie x Tempress) D.Hogg, Workington;   Lady Gaga (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) W.& R.Dawson, Kendal;  Lady Grace (Eclipse x Bedazzled) S.& C.Jackson, D.Loan, A.Denley, Borrowdale;    Landy Lady (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) D.Bingham, R.Gardner, Tebay;    Lillian (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) A.Blacklock, Kirkbride;  Lilly (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) L.Reid, D.Allison, Cockermouth;   Limber (Eden Rossi x Eden Rosa) A.Blacklock, Kirkbride;   Maggie’s Dream (Overwater Arnie x Tempress) B.& G.Graham, S.Crossland, O.Chisholm, Bassenthwaite;   Maggie May (Endure x Mysterious) R.& G.Farren, E.Napier, Arlecdon;    Miterdale Duchess (Endure x Mysterious) A,SR,S,M,K.& A.Steele, K.Lynch, B.Garritty, M.Thornton, Eskdale;   Muse (Eclipse x Bedazzled) C.Brownlee, Borrowdale;    Oakbank Allie (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) J.& A.Steele, A.Wilson, Skelsmergh;    Oakbank Izzy (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) J.& A.Steele, A.Wilson, Skelsmergh;     Opal (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) E.& L.Crosby, D.Bland, Whitehaven;   Overwater Jazz (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) E.Irving, J.Abbott, S.Walker, Uldale;    Overwater Pippa (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) E,J.& E.Irving, I.Abbott, Uldale;  Scafell Lass (Remember Me x The Penny Arcade) E.& A.Postlethwaite, Eskdale;   Showpiece (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) A.& A.Horn, Drumleaning;   Sojourner (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) E.& L.Crosby, Whitehaven; Summer Secret (Eden Rossi x Eden Rosa) W.& C.Mark, Cumwhitton;    Summer Vixen (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) W.& C.Mark, Cumwhitton;      Thorn Blaze (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) J.Satterthwaite, M.& M.Burrow, Kelsick;    Thorn Blossom (Eclipse x Bedazzled) J.Satterthwaite, M.& M.Burrow, Kelsick;    Tilly Trotter (Endure x Mysterious) G.& R.Farren, E,Napier, Arlecdon;   Tremor (Overwater Arnie X Tempress) W.& G.Todd, Cockermouth;    Trinket (Overwater Arnie X Tempress) W.& G.Todd, Cockermouth.

Dog Puppy registrations 2019

Another Try (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) L,G,H & J.Whitfield, E.Moore, W.Dawson, Moor Row;   Apache (TryAgain x Razzle Dazzle) D,L & C.McGee, Cleator Moor;   Aruba (Jimmy Choo x Flashdance) Phil Graham, Cockermouth;   Blueblaze (Endure x Mysterious) J.Fearon, B.& E.Rowlandson, Cleator Moor;    Blue Diamond (Eclipse x Bedazzled) B.& E.Rowlandson, J.Fearon, Cleator Moor;     BOB (Eclipse x Bedazzled) T,M & C.Irving, L.Reid, Cockermouth;    Buzz Lightning (Overwater Arnie x Tempress) E.Hodgkiss, D.Bromage, DW Crowe, Eskdale;    Captain James (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) J.& A.McClellan, B.Birkett, G.Whitfield, Cleator Moor;    Dash (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove, DW & M.Crowe, Eskdale;   Foxparke Bogtrotter (Try Again x Foxparke So Be It) R,G,N & E.Napier, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;   Foxparke So Be Him (Try Again x Foxparke So Be It) N,R,E & G.Napier, E.Moore, G.& R.Farren, Coulderton;    Huntsman (Endure x Mysterious) A, A. & J.Little, C.Barrow, D.Bland, Patterdale;    Kinniside Dan (Brad x Sawdust) A.Jackson, I.Rudd, G.Higgins, Cleator Moor;   Kinniside Jacko (Brad x Sawdust) A.Jackson, I.Rudd, G.Higgins, Cleator Moor;   Kinniside Mick (Brad x Sawdust) A.Jackson, I.Rudd, G.Higgins, Cleator Moor;   Kinniside Sam (Brad x Sawdust) A.Jackson, I.Rudd, G.Higgins, Cleator Moor;    Lieutenant James (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) B.Birkett, J.& A.McClellan, Cleator Moor;    Major James (Endure x Mysterious) J.& A.McClellan, B.Birkett, Cleator Moor;   Miterdale Stanley (Eclipse x Bedazzled) A,SR,S,M,K & A.Steele, L.Pounder, Eskdale;    Our Man Mike (Eclipse x Bedazzled) G.Reid, J.Chatters, Cockermouth;   Overwater Flash (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) C.& J.Abbott, J.& E.Irving, A.Farish, Uldale;   Overwater Marvin (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) J.& E.Irving, Uldale;   Overwater Robert  (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) I.& C.Abbott, E,J & E.Irving, Uldale;   Overwater Sully (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) J.& E.Irving, I.Abbott, Uldale;   Overwater Swift (Overwater Arnie x Tempress) J, E.& E.Irving, Uldale;    Peaky Blinder (Remember Me x The Penny Arcade) T.J Postlethwaite, Holmrook;   Pete’s Dragon (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) D.W.Crowe, I.Walker, Eskdale;   Plainsman (Eclipse x Bedazzled) K.Lynch, D.McMaster, D.Studholme, Dearham;    Prospect Spring (Eclipse x Bedazzled) N.Wilson, S.Smith, Distington;   Reebok (Eclipse x Bedazzled) S.Crossland, B.Graham, E.Chisholm, Bassenthwaite;  Shotgun (Endure x Mysterious) N.McMaster, S.Taylor, A.& T.Skelton, Dearham;    Splendid Cody (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) D,S,B & L.Hetherington, Fletchertown;    Showroom (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) A.Horn, Drumleaning;   Salvator (Overwater Arnie x Foxglove) H,W.& L.Park, A.Aleixo, Egremont;   Tommy Gun (Eclipse x Bedazzled) D.& J.McMaster, Alice Skelton, Dearham;    Top Gun (Try Again x Razzle Dazzle) D.McMaster, E.Taylor, A.Baxter, O.Chambers, Dearham;    Wirlin Spring (Overwater Arnie x Overwater Bessy) J,J,J.& S.Jeynes, Arlecdon;    Young Gun (Hunter’s Dale x Thorn Fire) J.Abram, S.Wilson, Ted Skelton, Dearham.


Name changes: West Tip (now Zack) – S.Irving, Frizington.   Kinnniside Mel (now Companion) – S.Riley, Cleator Moor.    Jut Got It (now Foxparke Just Got It) – N.Napier, Egremont.


New registrations:  Deepdale Flynn – A.Horn, Drumleaning.  Deepdale Frank – J.Bradley, Drumleaning.    Splendid Mikey, Elsa Star and Donna’s Pride – D.Hetherington, Fletchertown.

Spring Dazzler and Spring Rascal – J.Horn, Brisco.  Spring Drifter and Spring Ranter – R.Ridley, Brisco.


Transferred out of HTA – Frankel, Jazz Singer, Demelza, Huntsman’s Magician, Cracksman, Mr Ant.




(Dates will be put in black when the details have been confirmed)


Sat 20 – Helton H, M, P, ONW, AI (1.00) Easter egg hunt for children.

Mon 22 – Low Place H, P, OM, OR, V (2.00) Easter egg hunt for children.

Wed 24 – Birkett Field, Threlkeld H, P, OM (5.45)

Thurs 25 - Gamelsby H, P, ONW, AI (5.45)

Sat 27 – Cold Fell H, P, OM, OR (1.00)

Sun 28 – Oulton H, P, PM, OM, V (1.00) Note change of grade from RH to OM, and change of order of trails.

Tues 30 – Lazonby H, P, AI (6.00, 7.30, 8.00)


Sat 4 – Oulton H, M, P, OR (1.00)

Mon 6 – Helton

Wed 8 - Kirkland

Sat 11 – Kirkland

Sun 12 – Lazonby H, P, ONW, OR (1.00, 2.30, 3.00, 3.30)

Mon 13 - Kirkland

Wed 15 – Cold Fell (Festival Course) H, P, OM, AI (6.15) 

Sat 18 – Lazonby H, P, ONW, OM (5.00, 6.30, 7.00, 7.30)

Sat 18 - Low Place H, P, OM, OR (2.00)

Mon 20 – Potter’s Park

Tues 21 – Lazonby H, P, OM (6.30. 8.00, 8.30)

Sat 25 - Croasdale


Sat 1 - Croasdale

Sun 2 – Lazonby H, P, OM, V (1.00, 2.30, 3.00, 3.30)

Wed 5 – Lamplugh

Sat 15 - Lamplugh

Wed 19 – Kirkland


Mon 8 – Lamplugh

Mon 22 – Potter’s Park


Mon 7 – Potter’s Park

Mon 19 – Potter’s Park

Wed 28 – Ennerdale Show


Oulton trails - please use the normal entrance for Oulton trails, and proceed down to the field where the short trails are usually slipped, where further instructions will be given.

Under no circumstances may cars enter from the Kirkbride road.


Festival Committee

Cold Fell (Festival Course)

Wed 15 May: Hounds 6.15, Pups 7.30, Open Maidens 8.00, All-In 8.30


Carlisle & Penrith Area Committee


Sat 20 April: Hounds 1.00, Maidens 1.45, Pups 3.00, Open Non-Winners 3.30, All-In 4.00


Tues 30 April: Hounds 6.00, Pups 7.30, All-In 8.00

Sun 12 May: Hounds 1.00, Pups 2.30, Open Non-Winners 3.00, Open Restricted 3.30

Sat 18 May: Hounds 5.00, Pups 6.30, Open Non-Winners 7.00, Open Maidens 7.30

Tues 21 May: Hounds 6.30, Pups 8.00, Open Maidens 8.30

Sun 2 June: Hounds 1.00, Pups 2.30, Open Maidens 3.00, Veterans 3.30


 Aspatria & Wigton Area Committee (3 trailers may be used at these venues)


Thurs 25 April: Hounds 5.45, Pups 7.00, Open Non-Winners 7.30, All-In 8.00


Sun 28 April: Hounds 1.00,  Pups 2.15, Puppy Maidens 2.45, Open Maidens 3.15, Veterans 3.45

Sat 4 May: Hounds 1.00, Maidens 1.45, Pups 3.00, Open Restricted 3.30



Whitehaven Area Committee

Low Place

Mon 22 April: Hounds 2.00, Pups 3.15, Open Maidens 3.45, Open Restricted 4.15, Veterans 4.45

Sat 18 May: Hounds 2.00, Pups 3.15, Open Maidens 3.45, Open Restricted 4.15

Cold Fell
Sat 27 April: Hounds 1.00, Pups 2.15,Open Maidens 2.45, Open Restricted 3.15


Keswick Area Committee

Birkett Field, Threlkeld

Wed 24 April: Hounds 5.45, Pups 7.00, Open Maidens 7.30

Results after week 2 of 30 – wins:

H – Cuckoo Lane 3, Miterdale Shadow 2, Liz 1, Deepdale Flynn 1, Best Mate 1, Forlorn Spring 1. (9 races)

P  - Acorn 3, Limber 3, Kinniside Mick 1, Prospect Spring 1, Summer Vixen 1.(9 races)


OM- Huntsman Major 12, Dragonfly 9, Denton Balboa 8, Artemis 6, Copperfield 6, Foxparke Hooligan 5 Night Vision 5. (4 races)

OR- Babylon 11, Babycham 10, Sweet Harmony 7, Breeze 6, Jenny’s Breeze 6, Kinniside Meg 6. ( 4 races)

V- Galemire Grace 12, Huntsman Jenny 6, Spring Dazzler 6, Prudence 5, Thorn Fire 5, Tommy’s Legacy 5. ( 3 races)

Bitches mated 2018/9

Miterdale Force (Free Spirit) Pupped 20th January, 10 pups, 6 d. 4 b. Earmarked.

Lady Anne (Endure) Pupped 6th February, 9 pups. (All spoken for) Earmarked.

Jenny’s Rascal (Free Spirit) 8 pups, 6 b, 2 d. Earmarked.

Silver Charm (Endure) Pupped 19th February, 8 pups, 5 d, 3 b. Earmarked.

Denton Eclipse (Spring Dazzler) Pupped 23rd March, 10 pups, 5 d, 5 b.

Spring Rascal (Spring Drifter) Pupped 19th March, 10 pups, 7 d, 3 b.

Dawn (Red Will) Pupped 2nd April, 7 pups, 5 d, 2 b.

Tagget (Tommy’s Legacy) Pupped 10th April, 4 pups, 2d, 2b.

8 litters, 66 pups.


REHOMING  -  to book hounds in for re-homing, please contact Sue Lloyd (016974 78383 evenings) or e-mail her on

Sue runs Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, and you can be assured that she will advise you and will make all arrangements for you.

The HTA has complete confidence in Sue, and we are extremely lucky to have her.


Latest slipping times:

April 1 - 6                             7.15 pm

April 7 – 14                    7.30 pm

April 15 – 22                   7.45 pm

April 23 – 29                   8.00 pm

April 30 – May 6              8.15 pm

May 7 – 13                      8.30 pm

May 14 – 20                    8.45 pm

May 21 – 27                    9.00 pm

May 28 – July 8                9.15 pm

July 9 – 21                      9.00 pm

July 22 – 28                    8.45 pm

July 29 – Aug 4                8.30 pm

Aug 5 – 11                      8.15 pm

Aug 12 – 18                    8.00 pm

Aug 19 – 25                    7.45 pm

Aug 26 – Sept 1               7.30 pm

Sept 2 – 8                       7.15 pm

Sept 9 – 15                      7.00 pm

Sept 16 – 22                    6.45 pm

Sept 23 – 30                    6.30 pm

Oct 1 – 6                        5.45 pm

Oct 7 – 13                       5.30 pm

Oct 14 – 20                     5.15 pm

Oct 21 – 24                     5.00 pm

Oct 25 – 27                     4.45 pm

Oct 28 – 31                     3.45 pm






Grid references to forthcoming trails:

Post codes for guidance only – may not be absolutely accurate:


Kirkbride, Airfield – NY229546 (North-west of Wigton)

Bower House, Eskdale – NY132002

Low Place, Eskdale – NY155017

Lazonby Fell – NY500405 (CA11 9RN approx. North of Penrith)

Grange-in-Borrowdale – NY255180 (CA12 5UQ approx.)

Helton – NY495213 (CA10 2QA approx. South of Penrith)

Threlkeld, Setmabanning – NY323246 (CA12 4TL approx. East of Keswick)

Oulton, Tarnrigg – NY247520 (CA7 0NS North-west of Wigton)

Gamelsby – NY258524 (CA7 0NX North-west of Wigton)

Cold Fell – NY055105 (Ennerdale Bridge – Calderbridge road)

Lamplugh – NY097216

Kendal, Soot Box – SD503918 (on the road from Kendal to Brigsteer)

Kirkland – NY087184

Rusland – SD331893 (LA12 8LB)

Bridekirk – NY120346 (CA13 0PE)

Rosthwaite – NY257152 (CA12 5XB)

Kirkstone Pass – NY406067 (LA22 9LQ, and 1 mile on towards Troutbeck)

Dean – NY067268

Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite – NY252325 (CA12 4QX approx.)

Newlands – NY237203

Grange Grassings – NY133373

Grasmere – NY342076

Redmain – NY132356

Millstone Moor – NY138365

Latrigg Top – NY283255

Calebreak – NY345358 (CA7 8JR)

Fellside – NY305370 (CA7 8HA)

Gatesgarth, Buttermere – NY193149 (CA13 9XA)



For further information, please call 017684 83686 or e-mail