This is the official website for the Hound Trailing Association Ltd.

Chairman – J.B.Laidler, 2, Oldfield Road, Windermere LA23 1AZ (Tel: 015394 45200)

Vice-Chairman – P.Airey, 14, Wooton Way, Carlisle CA2 6SW (Tel: 01228 511679)

HTA Secretary – Phillip Graham, 7, Whiteside Avenue, Cockermouth CA13 9AR (Tel: 07881 575986)



HTA Treasurer – John Bromage, Fletchers, Irton, Holmrook CA19 1TD (Tel: 019467 23714). Cheques to be made payable to HTA Ltd.



Website Editor - Margaret Baxter, Ash Cottage, Blencow, Penrith CA11 0DB (Tel: 017684 83686)



AGM is on Sunday 2nd February at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth, at 2.00 pm.


200 club – January draw: 1st Marie Crowe (161) £75; 2nd Dennis Peare (227) £25.



Hound Trailing Association.
Secretary required.
Applicants are required to apply in writing to the Chairman at 2, Oldfield Road, Windermere  LA23  2AZ by the 29th February 2020.


Reminder about subscriptions: 2020 subs and kennel fees are now due, as from 1.1.20. Adults up to age 65 (£20), adults 65 and over (£15), juniors £5. Kennel fee (£10). Please send to John Bromage (address above).

All kennel forms should be sent to John Bromage (address above).


Puppy Registrations 2020 (all to be confirmed by the relevant Area Committee)


Dog Pups

Biff (Red Will – Dawn) G.Reid, Cockermouth.   Black ‘n' Blue (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) D.Bingham, R.Gardner, Tebay.   Cogra Lad (Red Will x Dawn) D, G, & J.Bulman, N.Brown, Arlecdon.   Debonair (Endure x Silver Charm) L.& J.Steele, A.Bulman, Seaton.   Eagle Rock (Spring Drifter x Spring Rascal) L.Neale, G, M & J.Bryden, Longtown.   Fly Me to the Moon (Red Will x Dawn) D, A, O, L & E.Chisholm, Dalston.   Foxparke Gooey Louie (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) R, N, E & G Napier, G.Farren, Coulderton.   Foxparke Jog On (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) N, R, E & G,Napier, G.Farren, B.Butler, Coulderton.   Foxparke Tiny Tim (Endure x Lady Anne) N, R, E & G,Napier, G & R Farren, Coulderton.

Howler (Red Will x Dawn) D.W.Crowe, M. Crowe, Boot.   Imagine (Endure x Silver Charm) J.Lister, Aspatria.   Insane (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) A.Horn, C.Henderson, F.Dockeray, Drumleaning.   Huntsman’s Prince (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) B & D.Bland, Patterdale.   Joss (Tommy’s Legacy x Tagget) T. & E.Postlethwaite, Boot.    Kinniside Chiz (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) A.Jackson, I Rudd, G.Higgins, J.Fitzwilliam, Cleator Moor.    Kinniside Sandy

(Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) A.Jackson, I Rudd, G.Higgins, J.Fitzwilliam, Cleator Moor.  Macbeth (Spring Drifter x Spring Rascal) N.Wilson, T.Stainton, Troutbeck.  Magic Star (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) G.Simpson, R. & J. Graham, Kendal.   Miterdale Favour (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) A, S, M, K & A Steele, Eskdale.    Miterdale Fortune (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) A, S, M, K & A Steele, Eskdale.   Ozzy (Endure x Silver Charm) C.& J.James, Storth.  Show me the Line (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) A.& A.Horn, Drumleaning.   Show me the Way (Spring Drifter x Spring Rascal) A.& A.Horn, Drumleaning.   Southpaw (Endure x Lady Anne) D.& H.Farrer, Ulverston.   Spring Music (Spring Drifter x Spring Rascal) R.Ridley, J.Horn, Brisco.   Summer Pride (Endure x Lady Anne) W.& C.Mark, R.Smith, Brampton.   The Rat Pack (Tommy’s Legacy x Tagget) D, A, O, L and E. Chisholm, Dalston.   Time Will Tell (Endure x Lady Anne) K.Lynch, D.McMaster, D.Studholme, Dearham.    Wait and See (Endure x Lady Anne) K.Lynch, D.McMaster, D.Studholme, Dearham.   Young Harry (Red Will x Dawn) S.Crossland, B.Graham, O.Chisholm, Bassenthwaite.


Bitch Pups

Amigo (Endure x Lady Anne) R.Smith, R,Dickenson, Kendal.   Black and Tan (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) A.Blacklock, Kirkbride.   Black Edition (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) L, G, H & J Whitfield, Moor Row.    Bretton (Tommy’s Legacy x Tagget) JE Burkinshaw, B.Graham, Cockermouth.    Canny Style (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) L. & P.Black, Storth.    Cracking Last One Two (Endure x Silver Charm) W.& P.Mellon, J.Pattinson, R.& T.Airey, Appleby.    Denton Psycho (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) L, H, D, & J.Wall, Carlisle.   Estefan (Red Will x Dawn) W.& R.Dawson, Kendal.   Foxparke Bugaboo (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) N, R, E & G.Napier, G.Farren, Coulderton.    Grange Rose (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) G.Thornton, Warton.    Integrity (Spring Drifter x Spring Spring Rascal) A.Horn, C.Henderson, F.Dockeray, Drumleaning.   Intensity (Spring Drifter x Spring Spring Rascal) A.Horn, C.Henderson, F.Dockeray, Drumleaning.   Jenny’s Quest (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) J & D.Bland, A.Little, Patterdale.  Kalamazoo (Endure x Lady Anne) J.& V.Simpson, D.Wilding, Kendal.    Lady Ava (Endure x Lady Anne) J.& A.McClellan, Cleator Moor.   Lady Ruth (Endure x Lady Anne) L.M.Tyson, Ulverston.   Meadow Misty (Spring Drifter x Spring Rascal) P.Airey, J, K & S Hodgson, Carlisle.    Sam (Red Will x Dawn)

G.Reid, Cockermouth.   Shiraz (Endure x Silver Charm) V.& J.Simpson, Kendal.   Silver Dancer (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) D.McMaster, A.Skelton, S.Wilson, Dearham.   Silver Mist (Endure x Silver Charm) N.& J.McMaster, E.& S.Taylor, Dearham.    Sparrowmire Chloe (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) E.Blenkharn, R.Reid, P.Tomlinson, S.Sanderson, Kendal.    Spring Melody (Spring Dazzler x Denton Eclipse) J.Horn, R.Ridley, Brisco.    Sue (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) L.Reid, Cockermouth.   Thorn Rose (Free Spirit x Jenny’s Rascal) M.& M.Burrow, C.Graham, Kelsick.    Tommy’s Lass (Tommy’s Legacy X Tagget) B.& J.Graham, E.Chisholm, Bassenthwaite.   Westlife (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) R.& W.Dawson,



Non-Produce Pups

Miss Ava (Overwater Arnie x Border Jasmine) J.& A.McClellan, Cleator Moor.    Campari (Gonzofast x Enoch) C.Harrison, Fingland.    Killashandra (Guinness x Delta Dawn)  G.Simpson, R.& J.Graham, Kendal.    Show me the Rosé (Showtime x Vicky Rose) A.& A.Horn, Drumleaning.     Overwater Louie (Overwater Arnie x Border Jasmine) E.Irving, I. & C.Abbot, Uldale.     Schwarzenegger (Gonzofast x Enoch) M.& A.Reay, Frizington.    Show me the Money (Showtime x Ballinard Kerry) A.& A.Horn, Drumleaning.




May Day – Miterdale Shadow,  Meadow Spot,  Jenny’s Oracle,  Huntsman’s Orchid,  Huntsman’s Major,  Galemire Grace.

Bitch Produce – Liz,  Westgate Autumn,  Jenny’s Oracle,  Overwater Sully,  Mine,  Thorn Fire.

Dog Produce – Crazy,  Lady Anne,  Reebok,  Acorn,  Rhyme,  Tommy’s Legacy.

Premier – Crazy,  Westgate Autumn,  Acorn,  Sojourner,  Mine,  Thorn Fire.

October – Huntsman’s Novice,  Menorah,  Huntsman,  Eden Raya,  Jenny’s Breeze,  Thorn Fire.


Message from the Executive Committee to all HTA members.

In the light of recent incidents, the Executive Committee has decided to bring to the attention of all HTA members Rule 30 (c) of the Powers of the Area Committees; “to enquire into and determine any complaints arising out of matters occurring in the area of that Area Committee of fraudulent, discreditable or mischievous conduct which, in its own opinion, may be calculated to injure the Association or to be prejudicial to the sport of hound trailing or which may, in its opinion, be a breach of any of the rules of the Association.”


IMPORTANT NOTICE: By order of Natural England, no practice trails are to be run on Bowness Moss (Cardurnock) or Wedholme Moss (Grassings) without permission from Andy Horn or Brian Shaw (BHTA).

This is a clause requested by Natural England, and anybody who trials without permission is putting Hound Trailing at risk in that area.



Margaret is still trying to locate a silver challenge cup which went missing a few years ago. It was given during the past 5 –15 years or so for one of the trails at the October HTA meeting (not the Senior trail), and among the engraving were the words “won by Sister Susan”. Please look in your cupboards and on your shelves, as it would be good to have this trophy in circulation again. No questions asked!!



Keswick Area Points Winners:

Seniors  Huntsman's Nimrod      Maidens Hawkswood
Pups  Jenny's Oracle         Puppy Maidens  Muse 
Open Restricted  Denton Balboa        Veterans  Explore and Mysterious 
Derwentwater and Melody Trophy  Jenny's Oracle 
Most points outside the area   Huntsman 



C&P Area Points 

Open Competition

Open Senior- Huntsmans Nimrod     Open Puppy- Jennys Oracle        Open OR - Queen

Local Competition

Local Senior- Jennys Delight              Local Puppy- Huntsman         Local Senior Maiden- Sultan

Local Puppy Maiden- Eden Raya          Local OR- Sweet Harmony         Local Veteran- Spring Dazzler

Local OM-  Eden Raine                         Local ONW- Eden Raya

Shap/ Helton top kennel - Denise Bland                     Shap top local kennel- Malcolm & Ann Holmes

Calebreak/ Fellside top open kennel - Denise Bland                      Lazonby Lower Grades - Eden Raya

Michael Wilding Cup (ONW points at Helton) - Overwater Iris (won with quickest time - tie for points)

Crown Prince’s Trophy (Helton) Jenny’s Oracle                      1941 Cup (Area hounds in HTA lower grades) –Denton Balboa

J and C Trophy (Fellside and Calebreak) Acorn                           Carol McGoldrick Trophy Amber Bay


C and P Area Presentation:

Saturday 28th March, Penrith Cricket Club. Tickets £10, children under 16 free. Buffet by Theresa Lancaster, also Disco.

Contact Amy Chisholom on 01228 712025 or 07709 120662


Cockermouth & Workington Area Committee & Cockermouth Supporters proudly present the 2019 presentation evening on Saturday 25th January 2020 at Hundith Hill Cockermouth. Great food great entertainment, contact Neil Brown, Nicola Mcmaster, Phil Graham to reserve tickets. Over 100 attending so far.

C/W Area Trophies: H - Rhythm; M - Westgate Luther: P – Shotgun; PM - Our Man Mike; SM - Westgate Luther; OM – Westgate Luther; OR – Rhyme; V – JLS.                                                                                                                                                                      Open Trophies: H – Crazy; M - Foxparke Hooligan: P - Acorn; Opposite Sex - Shotgun; PM - Foxparke Mo Farren; ONW - In The Red & Foxparke Mo Farren; OM - Foxparke Golden Balls; OR - Rhyme; V - Aspire.                                                              David & Elsie Harrington Trophy – Crazy.         Moathill Trophy (most points) – Miterdale Shadow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cockermouth Supporters:  H – Miterdale Shadow; P – Cracking Last One; OM – Release the Beast, Captain Jack & Black Legend (tie): OR – Breeze.                                                                                                                                                                        Jimmy Crone Trophy - Crazy; Jackie Hewitson Trophy - Hunter's Flame;   Michael Renney Trophy - Miterdale Shadow;   Eric Walker Trophy - Acorn.                                                                                                                                                                      Mitchell's Auction Trophies: H -  Liz; M – Escape; P – Limber; PM - Opal; OR - Miterdale Copper.                         Cockermouth Show:  H - Silver Dusk; M - Escape; P - Tilly Trotter; PM - Kinniside Dan; V - Aspire.                                                                          Farrel Gorley Memorial Trophy: Acorn;     Shindig Trophy: Celebration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ike Walker Memorial Trophy & prizemoney: 1 – Cracking Last One (£60), 2 – Miterdale Shadow (£40), 3 – Opal (£20)                                                                                     

Team Comp result:

Div.1 –1st Eden Rascals 249, 2nd Huntsman's Pack 209, 3rd Jenny's Rascals 183, 4th Team Miterdale 159, 5th Pennine Runners 133, 6th Dearham Wanderers 116.

Div.11 – 1st Eden Rascals 113, 2nd Spring Show 76, 3rd Gracie’s Team 73. 4th Tilery Stars 72, 5th Just Its 67, 6th Miterdales 51.

Thank you to all teams for entering.

Further sponsorship has come in for the Team Competition, courtesy of Dr Patrick Goode, a keen HTA member from Herefordshire, and also from Andy Horn – very many thanks.

Generous support again from our aniseed supplier, DeMonchy. Entry money is £145, so we will have a good prize pot to distribute at the end of the season -  divided equally between

both Divisions.


SENIORS – Crazy CHAMPION        Miterdale Shadow  RUNNER-UP

PUPS – Acorn CHAMPION              Jenny’s Oracle RUNNER-UP

OM - Showbiz  CHAMPION    Dragonfly  RUNNER-UP

OR –  Rhyme CHAMPION       Jenny’s Breeze RUNNER-UP

V -  Aspire CHAMPION            Thorn Fire RUNNER-UP  

SM – Hawkswood CHAMPION    Foxparke Hooligan RUNNER-UP

PM – Eden Raya CHAMPION      Foxparke Mo Farren RUNNER-UP

ONW – In the Red CHAMPION   Some Lad  RUNNER-UP

Bitches mated 2019/20

Overwater Jazz x Overwater Seth (pupped 1.1. 20 – 9 pups, 2 d, 7 b)

Jenny’s Rose X Endure (pupped 20.1.20 - 11 pups, 4 d, 7 b)

Starlight X Huntsman’s Major

Silver Dusk x Endure (pupped 10.1.20)

Summer Vixen x Chancer (BHTA)

Foxparke Jewel x Foxparke Hooligan

Jenny’s Aura x General James

Miterdale Prim x Miterdale One


REHOMING  -  to book hounds in for re-homing, please contact Sue Lloyd (016974 78383 evenings) or e-mail her on

Sue runs Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, and you can be assured that she will advise you and will make all arrangements for you.

The HTA has complete confidence in Sue, and we are extremely lucky to have her.


Latest slipping times:

April 1 - 6                        7.15 pm

April 7 – 14                              7.30 pm

April 15 – 22                            7.45 pm

April 23 – 29                            8.00 pm

April 30 – May 6                        8.15 pm

May 7 – 13                8.30 pm

May 14 – 20                              8.45 pm

May 21 – 27                              9.00 pm

May 28 – July 8                         9.15 pm

July 9 – 21                9.00 pm

July 22 – 28                              8.45 pm

July 29 – Aug 4                         8.30 pm

Aug 5 – 11                8.15 pm

Aug 12 – 18                              8.00 pm

Aug 19 – 25                              7.45 pm

Aug 26 – Sept 1                         7.30 pm

Sept 2 – 8                  7.15 pm

Sept 9 – 15                7.00 pm

Sept 16 – 22                              6.45 pm

Sept 23 – 30                              6.30 pm

Oct 1 – 6                   5.45 pm

Oct 7 – 13                 5.30 pm

Oct 14 – 20                               5.15 pm

Oct 21 – 24                               5.00 pm

Oct 25 – 27                               4.45 pm

Oct 28 – 31                               3.45 pm






Grid references to forthcoming trails:

Post codes for guidance only – may not be absolutely accurate:


Kirkbride, Airfield – NY229546 (North-west of Wigton)

Bower House, Eskdale – NY132002

Low Place, Eskdale – NY155017

Lazonby Fell – NY500405 (CA11 9RN approx. North of Penrith)

Grange-in-Borrowdale – NY255180 (CA12 5UQ approx.)

Helton – NY495213 (CA10 2QA approx. South of Penrith)

Threlkeld, Setmabanning – NY323246 (CA12 4TL approx. East of Keswick)

Oulton, Tarnrigg – NY247520 (CA7 0NS North-west of Wigton)

Gamelsby – NY258524 (CA7 0NX North-west of Wigton)

Cold Fell – NY055105 (Ennerdale Bridge – Calderbridge road)

Lamplugh – NY097216

Kendal, Soot Box – SD503918 (on the road from Kendal to Brigsteer)

Kirkland – NY087184

Rusland – SD331893 (LA12 8LB)

Bridekirk – NY120346 (CA13 0PE)

Rosthwaite – NY257152 (CA12 5XB)

Kirkstone Pass – NY406067 (LA22 9LQ, and 1 mile on towards Troutbeck)

Dean – NY067268

Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite – NY252325 (CA12 4QX approx.)

Newlands – NY237203

Grange Grassings – NY133373

Grasmere – NY342076

Redmain – NY132356

Millstone Moor – NY138365

Latrigg Top – NY283255

Calebreak – NY345358 (CA7 8JR)

Fellside – NY305370 (CA7 8HA)

Gatesgarth, Buttermere – NY193149 (CA13 9XA)



For further information, please call 017684 83686 or e-mail