This is the official website for the Hound Trailing Association Ltd.

HTA Secretary – Phillip Graham, 7, Whiteside Avenue, Cockermouth CA13 9AR (Tel: 07881 575986)



HTA Treasurer – John Bromage, Fletchers, Irton, Holmrook CA19 1TD (Tel: 019467 23714). Cheques to be made payable to HTA Ltd.



Website Editor - Margaret Baxter, Ash Cottage, Blencow, Penrith CA11 0DB (Tel: 017684 83686)








ASPATRIA/WIGTON – DOGSIn the Red (Endure x Silver Charm) and Trev (Remember Me x Doll)T.Satterthwaite, M.Stockdale; Overwater Seth (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force)E.& J.Irving, I & C Abbot, I Walker; Overwater Eric (Overwater Arnie x Nellie Kim) – E.& J.Irving, I Walker, I Abbot; Showbiz (Endure x Silver Charm) – A.& A.Horn; Release the Beast (Remember Me X Doll) – J.Lister.

BITCHES – Overwater Iris (Overwater Arnie x Nellie Kim) – E & J.Irving, S.Walker, I.Abbot; Demelza (Endure x Silver Charm) – P.& C.Henderson; Thorn Disco & Thorn Diva (Jenny’s Choice x Thorn Girl) – J.& C.Satterthwaite, M.Burrow, C.Graham; Babycham (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) and Blondie (Huntsman’s Hope X Howgill Blondie) – A.Blacklock.


KESWICK – DOGS – Huntsman’s Noel (Jenny’s Choice x Thorn Girl) – D.Bland, D.Barrow; Huntsman’s Novice (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – D.Bland, C.Barrow, M.Baxter, P.Goode.

BITCHES – Monsoon (Westgate Kyza x Westgate Gypsy) – C.& V.Brownlee, E.Cockbain; Bizzy Lizzy (Remember Me x Doll) – B.Graham, S.Crossland; Huntsman’s Nimrod (Jenny’s Choice x Text) – D.Bland, D.Barrow; Jenny’s Gift (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – J.Bland, A.Little.


CARLISLE/PENRITH – DOGS – Sweet William (Overwater Arnie x Nellie Kim) – M.,H.,G.& T.Holmes; Deepdale Flynn – (Jenny’s Choice x Text) – J.Bradley; Denton Balboa (Denton Return x Denton Eclipse) – L.,H.,G.& J.Wall; Ol’ Man River (Endure x Silver Spangle) and Ol’ Blue Eyes (Remember Me x Doll) – D.,A.,O.,L & E. Chisholm & A.& H.Turner; Cracksman (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) – J.& C.Crone, A.Johnston.

BITCHES – Lakeland Jenny (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – A.& J.Little, D.& J.Bland, H.Whitfield; Summer Gem (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – W.& C. Mark; Cracking Spirit (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – W. & P. Mellon, R.& T.Airey, J.Pattinson, H.Warrington; Eden Raine (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – D.Clifford; Meadow Spot (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) – P.Airey, J. & L.Hodgson: Black Opium (Denton Return x Denton Eclipse) and Lady Million (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) – C.Harrison.


ULVERSTON – DOGS – Cuckoo Lane (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) – R.Laidler; Valentino and Braveheart (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) - A.& M.Langhorn, E.,N.& J.Sweeney, J.Doak, T.McCarthy ; Black Eyed Mist (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) – N.,K.,J.& D.Lyon;

Huckleberry Finn (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – B.Leopold, M.& C.Wilson; Border Lad (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – H.Farrer.

BITCHES – Bluebelle (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) - A.& M.Langhorn, E.,N.& J.Sweeney, J.Doak, T.McCarthy; Amber Bay and Palm Bay (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – N.& L.Brown; Twilight – (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – B.& G.Jones.


WESTMORLAND – DOGS – Copperfield (Endure x Silver Spangle) – C.Clough, B.Laidler; Best Mate (Cartier x Meadow Dixie) – C.Clough, B.Laidler; Mr Blue Sky (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) – G.Simpson, J.Graham; Time Bandit (High Stile x Back Mist) – D.Bingham, R.Gardner: Superstar (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – P.Green, I.Bell; Super Sun – (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – I.& A.Bell.

BITCHES – Astra (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – J.& V.Simpson; Sparrowmire Bonny (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) – E.Blenkharn, P.Tomlinson, R.Reid, J.Graham; Sparrowmire Gemma (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – E.Blenkharn, P.Tomlinson, S.Sanderson;  Grange Lyric (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – G.Thornton; Voodoo (High Stile x Black Mist) – D.Bingham, R.Gardner; Awesome (Fireman Sam x Aspire) – R.Smith, R.Dickenson, J.Carruthers; Howgill Gemstone, Howgill Hopeful, Howgill Merry Dance and Howgill Merry Gold (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – I & A.Bell; Galway Lass (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) – N.,A.,T.& Y.Wilson, T.Stainton.


COCKERMOUTH/WORKINGTON – DOGS – Simply Red (Jenny’s Choice x Thorn Girl) – W.& D.Patterson; Cody Lad (Jenny’s Choice x Text) – N.Brown, D.Studholme; Clasher (Endure x Silver Spangle) – K.Lynch, D.McMaster; Tom Thumb (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – T.,M & C.Irving; Rover (Endure x Silver Charm) – D.McMaster, Thomas Skelton, O.Chambers; Ranger (Endure x Silver Spangle) – J.Abram, S.Taylor, Ted Skelton; Barncroft Bob (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – A.O’Fee, D.Dougherty, A Rumney: High Glen and Castle Crag (High Stile x Black Mist) – I. Fleet, J.Petersen; Dickie Mint (Westgate Kyza x Westgate Gypsy) – G.Reid, J.Chatters; Red Dragon (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – L.Reid, F.Dixon: Collabro (JLS x Olivia) – L.& J.Steele; Colonel James ( Fireman Sam x Aspire) – W.Birkett, J.& A. McClellan. G.Whitfield, P.& J.Laidler.

BITCHES – Encourage (Endure x Silver Charm) – K.Lynch, D.McMaster; Rita (Endure x Silver Charm) – E.Taylor, A.Baxter, A.Skelton; Rhyme (Endure x Silver Spangle) – N.McMaster, S.Wilson, A.Skelton; Rhythm (Endure x Silver Charm) – J.McMaster, C.& J.Waugh; Ireland’s Mist (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) – G.Woodend, T.Hopper; October Mist (JLS x Olivia) – G.Woodend: Solitaire (JLS x Olivia) – I Fleet, J.Petersen; One Day (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – G.Reid, J.Chatters; Dark Chocolate (Denton Return x Denton Eclipse) – L. Reid, F.Dixon; Red Mist (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – L.Reid, F.Dixon; Alexis and Babyliss (JLS x Olivia) – L.& J.Steele.


WHITEHAVEN – DOGS – Uldale Dancer (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – H.,W.& L.Park & I Alexio; Uldale Singer (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) - H.,W.& L.Park & I Alexio; Let’s Have It (High Stile x Black Mist) and Let’s Get it On (Endure x Silver Spangle) – R.& D.Graham; Yours (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) and Mine (Westgate Kyza x Westgate Gypsy) – J. & A.McClellan, P.Coughlan; Persian Night and Persian Ace (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – M.Watson; Goldfinch (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – K.& L.Finch; Miterdale Spirit (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – A.,SR.,S.,M.,K.& A. Steele & C.Donaldson; Clearly Cool (Denton Return x Denton Eclipse) – S.Passon, D.O’Neill; Some Lad (Endure x Silver Charm) – L.,G.,H.& J.Whitfield & W.Birkett; Blue Bolt (Endure x Silver Spangle) – J.Fearon, B.Rowlandson; Zulu (Denton Return x Denton Eclipse) and Baskerville (High Stile x Black Mist) and Nashville (Remember Me x Doll)– M.& A.Reay; Prospect Spot (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – N.Wilson, S.Smith; Chance (Endure x Silver Spangle) – S.Riley; New Agenda (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – M. & A.Bewley; Foxparke Slow Bro (High Stile x Black Mist) – N.,G.,R.& E.Napier; Foxparke Jiggly Puff (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – R.,E.,N.& G.Napier; Baba O’Riley (JLS x Olivia) – D.& J.Bulman; Dragonfly (Remember Me x Doll) – T.& K.Postlethwaite, M.Fisher; Forlorn Spring (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – J.,J.,J.& S Jeynes.

BITCHES – Just Got It and It Is What It Is (Remember Me x Doll) – R.& D.Graham; Zola and Zara (Westgate Kyza x Westgate Gypsy) – S.& J.Irving, S.Glaister, S.Mackereth; Persian Jewel and Persian Ruby (Fireman Sam x Annie’s Bay) – M.Watson; Miterdale Special (Free Spirit x Miterdale Force) – A.,SR.,S.,M.,K.& A.Steele & C.Donaldson; Babylon (Huntsman’s Hope x Howgill Blondie) – E.& L.Crosby; Tuam Lass (JLS x Olivia) – D.& J.Bulman; Foxparke Zip It (Jenny’s Choice x Huntsman’s Jenny) – R.,E.,N.& G.Napier, G. & R.Farren; Foxparke Rambling Rose (Fireman Sam x Tinkerbell) and Foxparke Gypsy Rose (Westgate Kyza x Westgate Gypsy)  N.,R.,E.& G.Napier G.& R.Farren; Butterfly (Remember Me x Doll) – E.& J.Fisher, M.Postlethwaite.



Message from Treasurer: Subscriptions are now due. Subscriptions – juniors under 18   £5,    adults 18 – 64   £20,     65 and over   £15.    All new members – 50p extra.      Kennel insurance - £10.

Please pay John Bromage (details above)    Cheques should be made payable to HTA Ltd. All receipts will be sent out with the balance sheets and kennel forms.


TRIAL TRAILS: (N.B. Margaret is very happy to put the results of trial trails on the official website, if somebody could e-mail them to her. Texts are no good as reception at home is just about non-existent.)

Sunday 28th January – Cardurnock 2.30 pm. 15 -16 minute trail (promoted by BHTA, but all welcome).


The AGM will be held on Sunday 4th February at Hundith Hill Hotel, Cockermouth, at 2.00. There will also be a raffle of binoculars kindly donated by Andrew Ireland of Lamberts Binoculars.


If you are using any bitch for breeding, please ask Phil for a mating certificate and return it to him, so that the HTA has a record of what litters are expected.


Pups born 1st December: Jade’s Jem x Pip’s Lad (5 d, 3 b) Earmarked.


Bitches mated:

Persian Sky (Fleetwood Mac)

Razzle Dazzle (Try Again)

Eden Rosa (Eden Rossi)

Foxglove (Overwater Arnie)

Mysterious (Endure)

Jenny’s Rose (Jacob McClink)

Bedazzled (Eclipse)

Tempress (Overwater Arnie)

Prudence (Washington)

Foxparke So Be It (Try Again)


AT STUD – OVERWATER ARNIE (Runner-up in Senior Championship 2015 and 2016, International Senior winner 2016) Contact James Irving on 016973 71217


If you are planning to send a hound to be rehomed, please ring Sue on 01697 478383. Thank you.



Senior Champion: Endure; Runner-up: Jenny’s Aura.

Puppy Champion: Miterdale Shadow; Runner-up: Huntsman’s Major.

OR Points: Razzle Dazzle 76 WINNER, Sweet Harmony 73 RUNNER-UP.

OM Points:  Kinniside Beauty 63 WINNER, Miterdale Proper 53 RUNNER-UP

ONW Points: Provincial 20 WINNER, Miterdale Steel 18 RUNNER-UP

V Points: Artisan 99 WINNER, Westgate Belle 81 RUNNER-UP

SM Points:  Manna 38 WINNER, Kinniside Beauty 25 RUNNER-UP

PM Points: Escape 42 WINNER, Thorn Diamond 41 RUNNER-UP

Puppy with most tickets – Miterdale Shadow 55.

Bert Sowden cup (most points in tables) – Huntsman’s Major and Miterdale Shadow (279 tie)

Tot Kelso cup (most points in major HTA trails) – Accolade and Miterdale Shadow (18 tie)

Philip Potter cup (opposite sex to Puppy Champion) – Crazy

Team Comp. RESULT

Div 1 – 1st - Jenny’s Rascals 290, 2nd - Team Miterdale 282, 3rd - Dearham Wanderers 179, 4th - Toyah’s Troopers 163, 5th - Generally Ava & Holly’s 140, 6th - Reivers 135.

Div 11 – 1st - My Girls 84, 2nd - Tilery Stars 73, 3rd - Team Miterdale 72, 4th – Miterdales 71, 5th - Dot & Ann’s Lot 70, 6th - Pennine Runners 67,


Top Tipster result (revised). Thank you, Jayne, for organizing this competition

1st - 104 points - Darren McMaster - Overwater Arnie, Jenny's Aura, Jenny's Delight, Huntsman's Major, Rio, Crazy, lower grade Artisan

2nd =  92 points – Louise Pounder - Overwater Arnie, Endure, Jenny's Aura, Huntsman's Major, Provincial, Red Will l/g Lady Anne;  and Les Reid - Overwater Arnie, Jenny's Aura, Liz, Huntsman's Magician, Huntsmans' Major, Crazy l/g Artisan

4th - 91 points – James McClellan - Overwater Arnie, General James, Jenny's Delight, Huntsman's Major, Black Legend, Crazy l/g Artisan

5th  90 points - Lynn Garritty - Overwater Arnie, Jenny's Aura, Marli, Huntsman's Major, Black Legend, Artemis l/g Artisan;

6th - 88 points - Pat Laidler - Endure, Jenny's Aura, Galemire Grace, Huntsman's Major, Red Will, Provincial l/g Jazz Band


Cockermouth & Workington Area trophy winners: OPEN: H – Sambuca; M – Keystone; P – Rio; opposite sex – Mystery Bound; PM – Thorn Diamond; ONW – Thorn Diamond, Bronco & Foxparke Hooligan (tie);

OM – Keystone; OR – JLS; V – Westgate Belle; Moathill trophy (fields) – Sambuca; David & Elsie Harrison trophy – Sambuca & Washington (tie).

LOCAL: H – Sambuca; M – Fireman Sam; P – Rio; PM – Rodney Rascal; ONW – Bronco; OM – Bronco & Barncroft Gold (tie); OR – JLS; V – Quiet Linnet.

Cockermouth Show trophies: H – Endure; M – Meadow Josie; P – Crazy; PM – Escape; V – Artisan.

Supporters’ Club trophies: H – Sambuca; P – Red Will; OM – Captain Jack, Meadow Josie & McCoy (tie); OR – Breeze; M.Renney trophy – Bedazzled; Eric Walker trophy – Jenny’s Breeze; Jimmy Crone trophy – Sambuca; Jackie Hewetson trophy – Mystery Bound.

Cash for Points: H – 1, Sambuca & Washington (tie); 3, Liz.    P – 1, Red Will; 2, Escape; 3, Thorn Diamond.

Dean Trophy winners: H – Quiet Otter; M – Westgate Luther; P – Red Will; PM – Thorn Diamond: OM – Wanted; OR – Ben 10; President’s Cup – Westgate Luther.

Dearham Trophy winners: H – Sambuca; P – Rio and Black Legend (tie); OM – Meadow Josie; OR – Cracking Gold.


Cockermouth/Workington Presentation – Sat 10th February, 2018, at Hundith Hill Hotel. Good food and entertainment – all welcome. Tickets £18 from Nicola McMaster (01900 818878), Neil Brown (07834 873397) or Phil Graham (see above)


Cold Fell points: H – Marli; Runner-up – Persian Bay.  P – Huntsman’s Major; Runner-up – Black Legend. Alan Pugh Trophy – Canny Girl.  Harry Kirkby Trophy – Huntsman’s Major.


Bower House/Low Place trophy winners: H – Miterdale Copper; P – Miterdale Shadow; ONW – Wild Gypsy; OM – Kinniside Beauty; OR – Free Spirit; V – Black Eyed Pea.

John Jenkinson Memorial Trophy – most points –Miterdale Shadow.


Westmorland trophy winners: Open H – Jenny’s Delight; Local H – Marli; Open P – Huntsman’s Major; Local P – Hawkswood; SM – Manna; PM – Cuchulainn; OM – Miterdale Proper; OR – Sweet Harmony; V – Artisan.

Show trophies: H – Jenny’s Delight; P – Jenny’s Breeze; Any other grade – Menorah.      Teddy Tyson trophy – Jenny’s Delight, Jenny’s Breeze.

Senior with most wins – Marli.   Puppy with most wins – Nikita.

Classic: H – Jenny’s Delight; M – Menorah; P – Huntsman’s Major; ONW – Sandyman; OR – Sweet Harmony; V – Artisan


Carlisle/Penrith trophy winners: Open H – Washington; Open P – Huntsman’s Major; Open OR – Razzle Dazzle; Local H – Jenny’s Delight; Local P – Cracking Star; Local OR – Sweet Harmony;

Local SM – My Way & Maybe (tie); Local OM – Summer Rose; Local ONW - Summer Dancer; Shap/Helton open kennel – Bland & Barrow; Shap local kennel – Holmes Family;

Calebreak/Fellside open kennel – Bland & Barrow; Lazonby lower grades – Accolade; Helton points (Crown Prince’s Trophy) – Endure; 1941 Cup (Local hounds in HTA lower grades) – Sweet Harmony.

J & C Trophy – Huntsman’s Major.


Carlisle/Penrith Presentation: Sat 17th March, Penrith Cricket Club, 7.30 pm. Tickets £8.00, Buffet and Disco. Contact Amy on 01228 712025 or 07709 120662.


Aspatria/Wigton trophy winners: Local winners: H- Thorn Fire, M – Step Up, P – Overwater Stanley, PM – Thorn Diamond, OM – Westgate Autumn, ONW – Westgate Autumn, OR – Ben 10.

Oulton & Kirkbride: H – Endure, P – Crazy, OR – Prudence, OM – Carrick.

Oulton winners (joint meeting with BHTA): H – Arizona, M – Cracking Gold, PM – Kinniside Mel, OR – Prudence, V – Class Macara (BHTA).

Wardhall: H – Thorn Fire, P – Red Will.

Foxhound Cup – Two Tone; Geordie Simpson cup – Summer Rose; Bobby Simpson Shield – Wanted; Outside Area cup – Endure.


Aspatria/Wigton Area Presentation – 9th March, Wigton Bowling Club, 7.30 pm. Buffet. Tickets £10, apply to Jo Satterthwaite.


Whitehaven Area winners: H – Washington; M – Manna; P – Miterdale Shadow; PM – Sergeant James; ONW – Miterdale Steel; OM – Kinniside Beauty; OR – Overwater Jack; V – Artisan.


Keswick Area trophy winners: H – Jenny’s Delight; M – Lone Rebel; P – Huntsman’s Major; PM – Jenny’s Breeze; OR – Jenny’s Rose; V – (tie) Artisan, Cherish, Tagget; Peggy Pat trophy – Bedazzled;

Derwentwater, Melody & Stephen Relph trophies – Huntsman’s Major; Outside Area – Jenny’s Delight; Jimmy Glaister cup – Bedazzled; Pat Glaister cup – Overwater Stanley.


REHOMING  -  to book hounds in for re-homing, please contact Sue Lloyd (016974 78383 evenings) or e-mail her on

Sue runs Lakeland Trailhound Welfare, and you can be assured that she will advise you and will make all arrangements for you.

The HTA has complete confidence in Sue, and we are extremely lucky to have her.


Latest slipping times:

April 1 - 6                               7.15 pm

April 7 – 14                            7.30 pm

April 15 – 22                          7.45 pm

April 23 – 29                          8.00 pm

April 30 – May 6                   8.15 pm

May 7 – 13                             8.30 pm

May 14 – 20                           8.45 pm

May 21 – 27                           9.00 pm

May 28 – July 8                     9.15 pm

July 9 – 21                              9.00 pm

July 22 – 28                            8.45 pm

July 29 – Aug 4                      8.30 pm

Aug 5 – 11                              8.15 pm

Aug 12 – 18                            8.00 pm

Aug 19 – 25                            7.45 pm

Aug 26 – Sept 1                      7.30 pm

Sept 2 – 8                                7.15 pm

Sept 9 – 15                              7.00 pm

Sept 16 – 22                            6.45 pm

Sept 23 – 30                            6.30 pm

Oct 1 – 6                 5.45 pm

Oct 7 – 13                               5.30 pm

Oct 14 – 20                             5.15 pm

Oct 21 – 24                             5.00 pm

Oct 25 – 27                             4.45 pm

Oct 28 – 31                             3.45 pm






Grid references to forthcoming trails:

Post codes for guidance only – may not be absolutely accurate:


Kirkbride, Airfield – NY229546 (North-west of Wigton)

Bower House, Eskdale – NY132002

Low Place, Eskdale – NY155017

Lazonby Fell – NY500405 (CA11 9RN approx. North of Penrith)

Grange-in-Borrowdale – NY255180 (CA12 5UQ approx.)

St.Helena – NY017116 (CA22 2EL Near Egremont)

Helton – NY495213 (CA10 2QA approx. South of Penrith)

Threlkeld, Setmabanning – NY323246 (CA12 4TL approx. East of Keswick)

Oulton, Tarnrigg – NY247520 (CA7 0NS North-west of Wigton)

Gamelsby – NY258524 (CA7 0NX North-west of Wigton)

Cold Fell – NY055105 (Ennerdale Bridge – Calderbridge road)

Lamplugh – NY097216

Kendal, Soot Box – SD503918 (on the road from Kendal to Brigsteer)

Kirkland – NY087184

Crag Farm, Ennerdale – NY085151 (CA23 3AS)

Rusland – SD331893 (LA12 8LB)

Bridekirk – NY120346 (CA13 0PE)

Rosthwaite – NY257152 (CA12 5XB)

Kirkstone Pass – NY406067 (LA22 9LQ, and 1 mile on towards Troutbeck)

Dean – NY067268

Mirkholme, Bassenthwaite – NY252325 (CA12 4QX approx.)

Newlands – NY237203

Grange Grassings – NY133373

Grasmere – NY342076

Wath Brow – NY030145

Redmain – NY132356

Millstone Moor – NY138365

Latrigg Top – NY283255

Calebreak – NY345358 (CA7 8JR)

Fellside – NY305370 (CA7 8HA)

Gatesgarth, Buttermere – NY193149 (CA13 9XA)

Snow Hill – NY271383



For further information, please call 017684 83686 or e-mail